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    12th Commerce is considered as the Part-I in the Senior Secondary Education If any student wants to make career in accountancy, business & trade, he/she opts commerce stream. The student can become CA and can do business studies further


    Cbse class 12th Commerce syllabus 2016-2017


     The CBSE 12th Commerce class syllabus contain the following –


    1. CBSE Class 12th Commerce English

    2. CBSE Class 12th Commerce Math

    3. CBSE Class 12th Commerce Accountancy

    4. CBSE Class 12th Commerce Economics

    5. CBSE Class 12th Commerce Business Studies





     How to students get good marks in cbse class 12th Commerce Class


    With edutry student can get cbse class 12th Commerce  NCERT SOLUTION,  12th Commerce class NCERT TEXT BOOK, QUESTION PAPER, ASSIMENTS, ANIMATED VEDIO and CHEPTER THEORY.

    1. Make chapterization and decided the syllabus accordingly.

    2. Choose one topic. Study the available material with videos.

    3. Complete the assignment.

    4. Take part in online MCQ quiz

    5. Discuss with e-class mates


    Be the master of the subject.

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